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Coaching & ICF Certification Course

A multi-session course is based on the ICF coaching model and competencies designed to teach and certify people in the ICF coaching skills. Includes facilitator slides and guide and a digital participant workbook.

Each competency has a corresponding module or session with facilitator slides and guide and a digital participant workbook.

Duration of each module: 2.5 hours with a 5-minute break

Each session follows a similar delivery flow:

  • Review and sharing of coaching partnership action plans since the last module (for Modules 2 – 7).

  • Introduction of the competency and its behaviors mapped directly to the ICF competencies and behaviors.

  • One or more activities that help participants not only intellectually learn the concepts but also experience the behaviors and how they feel and look.

  • Either small- or large-group discussions to debrief activities, share insights, and allow for peer-to-peer learning.

  • Opportunities for self-reflection.

  • An action plan to map next steps with their coaching partners to apply the competency before the next module/session.

Coaching Slides Module 1 SAMPLE
Download PPSX • 2.93MB

Coaching Module 1 Facilitator Guide SAMPLE
Download PDF • 1.17MB

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