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My Professional Approach

Freelancing gives me the opportunity to achieve two goals: (1) help organizations help their employees learn and succeed and (2) continue to develop the creativity and experience to help with #1. My clients range from large corporations to individuals, and no project is too big or too small. Seriously.


Whether you need a new course created just for your unique needs or materials created for a proprietary course or expert facilitation of a proprietary or third-party course, contact me today so we can start collaborating on your next learning experience.

Please see the Portfolio tab on this website and my LinkedIn profile for detailed descriptions of past work and clients.


While not relevant to online instruction, my love of marathoning and half-marathoning defines a big part of who I am. I'm a crazy addict who runs more marathons or half-marathons a year than I should, but I cannot get enough of the endorphins that come from the physical, mental, and social elements of running.


  • Three Boston Marathons

  • 45 marathons run, including the Bostons

  • 54 half-marathons run

  • Fastest PR: 3:31 (2016)

  • Slowest PR: 4:57 (2017)

  • First marathon (2013): South Jordan Marathon (4:35)

  • First BQ (2014): St George Marathon (3:51)

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